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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Font a Bloc Part 2

With the rest day behind us we met back up with Scott and headed to 95.2. Typically the rest day had been fantasic, cool and dry but with a hint of sunshine, Friday had rain showers. Brilliant.
Lee announced he and Ben were to do the entire Red Circuit that day, a bold statement 47 problems. They disappeared into the woods searching for Red No.1 meanwhile the the rest of us set about knocking off problems from from orange > white generally, occasionally ducking under the little roof of Le P'tit Toit to keep out of the rain. Scott pointed out a prow called indestructible at F7a+ I should get on, It looked impressive so I set to work on a sequence. In one of the sunny periods between the showers I powered to victory!



Over lunch Gary, Jen and Justine worked the Le P'tit Toit (F6b+) roof traverse, during their rest times Scott and I took it in turns to toe hook hang the roof of it and reverse mantle the nose.

Backwards Mantle. Feet First.

Thats 2 Sarnies Please.
Lee and Ben arrived back a little while later muttering that the reds were shite and hard to find, and they would be fucking them off.  I had spotted  Retour aux Sources (F7a) on the way in and was keen to get on it before we left. So we left the others to it and set to work. It took more work than I expected, I had it wired in 2 sections quickly but linking it proved difficult. But before the we left both Lee and I sent it. (in very difference sequences). A brillant end to a brilliant Trip!

Retour aux Sources

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