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Monday, 2 May 2011

Cool in the shade.

Cool in the shade.

Still with thin skin from yesterdays climbing at Caley, Mick, Webbo and I set course for a day at Brimham. As we arrived the queue for the car park was onto the road. Hmm might be a bit busy then.
When we'd stopped laughing at the bloke who reversed his Renault Espace into a tree we parked up and started the massive 2 minute walk in to the Little Roof and Pommel Block area. Damn it was hot.

Warmed up from the slabs around Pommel we hit the Little Roof (which isn't that little), trying lots of eliminates & link ups. The best in my opinion being match the sloper - footless - and pop for the top. It was like a climb had been designed with me in mind. Footless campusing! Sweet!

Foot Loose and Fancy Free.
Webbo despatched it, and in between shots on the burst mode on the camera Mick latched it. (or did he cheat)

Steve Webster 

Mick on the link up.

The grin says it all.
It was onto the pommel block next for a couple of lines, again un-named F7a+ (see previous rant) there was a line that started from a hand jam then feet high and lay back to a flake. It should have been a flash but I missed the flake - what a donkey. Despatched next go.  Next was another mystery named climb at F7a which used a crimp and slopey hold to deadpoint to the top. Despatched first go. Mick took a few attempts but eventually snagged it!
Its all about the SLAP!
The heat was making the climbing harder than it needed to be so we retreated to Jokers wall for some shade. I put in some effort on Jokers wall Traverse and had it wired in 2 sections but couldn't link it. Meanwhile Mick was working Jokers Wall Start & Steve was in full flow battling on Jokers Wall Problem 9 F6c+ Pg 49 of Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering by Steve Dunning & Ryan Plews. (now do you see why naming is important?)

Me Working the Traverse

Problem 9

Webbo on Problem 9
The sun eventually came and spoiled our fun on this block too so we admitted temporary defeat and had a spot of lunch in the sunshine.
Pack up box empty further shade was sought and it was decided the Cubic Block fitted nicely being just the other side of Jokers Wall. Ticks of many other un named classic problems were had at F6b F6a and we all managed a Traverse at F7b+ - of which we are all sure is not F7b+ but more like F7a but are happy to take the tick anyway! 

Looking through the shots we took i've decided Mick needs to take his hat off for the photo's and I have an ever receding hairline.

I'm now over dosing on Vitamin E Oil and Climb On bar desperately trying to grow back some skin for a midweek session at the Cliff or at very lease next weekends exploits!

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