Puntering Hard Boulder Problems One At A Time.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Peaks and Troughs

Not much to report send wise this week, a steady night at the Cliff on tuesday. Making good progress on the Keel with new beta. I dubius flash on Sewer Rat Connection, if its where it appears to go in the guide then its a F7b+ flash, I however, doubt the line is correct as it felt far too easy.

Thursday's evening session was rained off - so we headed to The Climbing Depot instead.
Today Mick and I were heading to The Depot again as the forecast was rain, rain and yet more rain. Yet as we headed across the M62 it was looking bright. Good job we'd packed the mats just in case.
We arrived at the cliff and set about the warmup, just as it stated to rain. Great. A few heavy drops and it passed.

Mick crushed his way up Crusifix and the Arete, had a play on Dolphin Belly slap, and Si'sArete and the traverse oppoisite The Keel -which I felt as weak as a kitten on today. Still its beta in the bank.

2 week to Font - Im psyched! Its time to pick the problems carefully and not risk a pull or going though a finger tip.

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