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Monday, 16 May 2011

Lime at the bar please.. Lime!


Fo the last week or so the weather has been ruining my climbing plans, Thursday night Lee and I headed to Caley crag to tick The Prow we'd worked a couple of weeks ago. We just got there and did 2 warm up problems and the heavens opened soaking everything including us. We abandoned ship to Leeds Wall for a training session instead.

Determined not to loose another day to the rain we picked Rubicon as our venue, this steep limestone crag in the Peak is home to many powerful and fingery climbing that stays dry in the rain. Good job too as it pissed it down all day!

The traverse wall was our starting point Toe Nail Pie - sounds appetising - did nicely for a warm-up at F5+ then onto the lower traverse, middle traverse and high traverse. ( F5-6b+) All polished to a high sheen but not bad climbing to be honest. The same can be said for Debris Groove (f6a+) pretty good climbing.

Lee on Debris Groove

We turned out attention the Kudos Wall after lunch to try and tick something harder. The classic A Millers Tale was on-sighted and I think might be contender for the hardest F6b+ i've ever done. Kudos F7a+ / F7b was next, took a few goes but eventually it fell to brute force and ignorance and a little bit of swearing.

Mind them fingers Ben.

We also attempted A Bigger Splash Direct at F7b but neither me or Lee could hold the last move due to tiredness. It'll go pretty easily when fresh I reckon.

Lee on A Millers Tale

Crimp it!

Ben on A Millers Tale

Cheeky Portrait!

Fighting Kudos


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