Puntering Hard Boulder Problems One At A Time.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The bracken is coming....

Caley today, mileage rather than grade was the objective. We sampled plenty of the easy to mid grade classic problems starting with Mr Smooth (F6a) & the Sit Start (F6b).

Crush Cooper - Mr Smooth SS.
 Onwards to the Flapjack boulder for some more warm ups, plenty of nice easy slabs and home to the excellent Flapjack Traverse (lee's nemesis - no more) After a couple of goes he had his greasy paws on the top with a massive grin on his face.

Lee's Trying Hard Face on Flapjack Traverse
I repeated shortly after & after seeing Lee's beta Ben was keen to give it a go, a few goes later he was latching the top too! Good Lad!

The Dreaded SLAB

Ben on Flapjack Traverse
Pull Through!
Footless - The REAL mans way.
Yule Log Arete (F6c) was on the tick list and despite being in the sun was in decent nick it wasn't long before we'd send it.

Ben on Yule Log
Lunch demolished we headed back up towards the path and had a quick flick through the guide, smear arete looked good with a nice 6b slopey traverse on the next block. This kept us amused for 20 mins or so until we spotted a brutal looking prow, imaginatively called the prow at F7a+. Skin was in short supply and in just a couple of goes on this sharp fridge hugging block i'de gone through a tip, lee ripped a hole in his palm so it was shit canned for a day with more skin.

Actual Footwork. A Rare Sight
We spotted Back Stabber on the way out so had a quick go before heading to the chippy for a well deserved feed!

Cheeky Bum Grab!
Back Stabber (Babba Stabber)

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