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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rest sucks.

Sun Set
Sunday's exploits had left me with a dilemma - do I rest the shoulder and let it heal or do some active recovery? Jen - being the good Gym instructor that she is convinced me to rest this week. So I heeded her advice and took the camera out to Almscliff with Lee Al and Steve - not forgetting Oscar Dog...

Man of the match has to go to strong man Steve Dennison. After watching Lee repeat Demon Wall Roof (F7a+), Dolphin Belly Slap (F7a) & Crucifix Traverse (F7a) and soaking up the beta like a sponge in a puddle he set to work despatching them with ease. Dolphin went 3rd go, he flashed both Demon Wall Roof and Crucifix Traverse. Very Impressive. - He's not getting any more beta. 

Al worked crucifix traverse and had it wired in 2 parts  but didn't have the beans to link it! 

Steve and Lee also spent time on the Keel but no sends. (If steve had flashed that we'd have made him walk home.)

Most of my climbing pictures came out sheeeite last night, having spent all day fiddling with different settings but I did manage to salvage a couple of wildlife ones.



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