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Monday, 6 June 2011

The midges are coming.

Lee on Zippy's Traverse

This friday Scott and I went indoors to the Climbing Works with the intention of some serious training on the Beastmaker and motherboard. After warming up one some problems on the competition wall we realised it was far too hot and humid so instead opted for a spin on the new pink circuit. By the time we left we were trashed so a good workout was had. Good prep for Sunday's proposed Limestone session at Rubicon.

Unfortunately / fortunately the weather turned cool for Sunday so I met up with Lee and Ben and headed to Plantation at Stanage instead. Lee and I had unfinished business with Zippy's Traverse (Font 7b) so that was the project for the day. Took more work than we expected and even though it was in the sun it was in pretty good nick.

Zippy's Traverse

Working Hard.

Eventually after loosing plenty of skin and a couple of Lee's famous paddy's he sent it! Although i'd already taken the boots off and was ready to move on. It inspired me for one last attempt. Good job too as I despatched it that go, just holding the wild swing at the end! 

Ben and Lee then did Crescent Arete - an all time classic followed by a group tick on BullWorker (F6b). 
As we walked out I fancied a quick go on Rose and the self employed businessman at F7a+ It went Clean On sight. Winner.  

Where's the rest of him?

Cool Calm Collected. Or Shitting it?

Ben crushed it after the rain stopped his on sight.


Strong like Bull!

We celebrated out good day out with a burger and a a pint at Weatherspoon on the way home. £5.10 Bargain!

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