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Monday, 20 June 2011

Rest and Recover.

Unknown Climber on The Keel.

I'm really enjoying the good ol British Summer time, Thursday nights session at the cliff saw the need for a warm jacket - I thought it was supposed to be hot in June?

I decided to rest last weekend, the session on Zippy's traverse really took more skin than I realised  so I had to give it some time to recover. Luckily the weather was shite so I didnt feel like I really missed out.

There's not a great deal to report send wise this week. Tuesday I did Crack Start to Matterhorn Arete at F7a. Powerful & fingery sit start followed by a dynamic pop to a pocket, then its just the regular Arete climb. More work on the keel followed on Thursday with good progress being made thanks to Scotts beta - double toe hooking the keel. Im confident its going to be on the logbook in the next week or so.

Lee and I went to Rubicon and Raven Tor on Saturday with my replacement La Sportiva Solutions (Thanks to Mike @ Lyon for sorting this out). I worked Kudos Traverse F7b at Rubicon, but was robbed of the send twice on the last hold. With fresh arms it should go quick next time. Lee powered through it early in the session and then set to work on Kudos F7b but the traverse had taken its toll. We decided to go for an ice cream and head over to Raven Tor for a look at Weedkiller Traverse, we spent a little time working the sequence but neither of us had the power reserves to link it, so just before we left we made a quick send of "Too Hard For Mark Leach - Footless" basically just campus between decent holds for F7b. Im sure this grade was given for a joke as it feels about 6b.

No pics this week as it was raining and I didn't wanna get the camera wet so here are a couple from Google to inspire you for the limestone.

Weedkiller Traverse - Raven Tor
My Weapon of Choice

She is also wearing "solutions" 

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