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Monday, 18 July 2011

British Summer Time...

Umbrella. Needed in Summer.

Just a quick report this week.

Midweek session at the Cliff with Gareth from Rock Climbing UK - Full write up on the website soon!
The Keel still feels bloody hard, can't seem to hold the swing. Training my core to combat this.

Sunday's sport session was abandoned due to our brilliant summer weather, 2 days of torrential rain.
Lee, Billy, Guy and I bouldered at Rubicon and Raven Tor.

Billy repointed Rubicon F7a , Guy lounged around and generally just took the piss.

Lee made a right hash of Rubicon and declared he's given up route climbing for good. But redeemed himself with 3 7's, A Bigger Splash F7a+, Bigger Splash Direct F7b and Bigger Tail F7a. Good Lad! - Man of the Match.!

I sent A Bigger Splash  F7a+ after a subtle change of shoe (cheers to Lee for the loan of a Moc.) and Weedkiller Traverse F7b at the Tor.
With rain forecast all this week its looking like it might be an indoor session mid week. Can we have summer back soon please?
Thats definitely a power dab.. look at the dust!

Guy on A Millers Tale.
A Bigger Splash. Fucking sharp crimp.

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