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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evil comes out at night...

Night Bouldering

Last night instead of our usual indoor session, I decided to make use of this extra hour we are now getting being on BST. We headed off to Caley for a night session.

We set to work at the roadsides boulders, all having different problems in mind. Scott wanted to get on Zoo York (F8a) Tom wanted to get on Secret Seventh (f7a+) and Lee and I were back to siege Blockbuster (F7b+)

It was a warm and humid evening - warm enough to be in a t shirt or wife beater. I wont bore you with descriptions of stuff.. None of us sent out projects it was just too humid. But we did get some cool pics and went to the Wetherby Whaler for some Chips! 


Lee Crushing

Ticking me wont make it easier!

Scott on JuJu Club

Wife Beaters!

Making it look easy.

My Epic Fall form Zoo York

The last attempt of the night... 

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